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7-in-1 set

Product Features

• Multi-function: massager, hair dryer and flashlight.

• A DEEP AND POWERFUL MASSAGE: Rejuvenate sore tissue and 

• aching muscles.  With 5 different massaging head: removable 

• massage head, ball head, flat head, spiral head, U-shaped head.

• Cordless compact hair dryer with detachable handle, easy to store 

• in small space, perfect for traveling. 

• Detachable battery pack, used as flashlight and SOS separately.

• Wireless mini iron

• 3 level of temperature can be selected at will:

• Low: suitable for nylon, chemical fiber cloth

• Medium: suitable for silk, wool and other cloth

• High: suitable for cotton, linen and other fabrics

•  4 massage heads & 1 protective cloth cover

•  3 speeds can be adjusted arbitrarily:

•  Low speed (no load) 60±10% RPM

•  Medium speed (no load) 70±10% RPM

•  High speed (no load) 115±10% RPM

Basic Specification