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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Product Features

1. Laser+ gyroscope mapping technology;

2. APP Controlled and Real-time map, Support Alexa/Google Home AI speaker voice control;

3. Filter grade: semi-HEPA 

4. Intelligently divide the room, you can select mopping, cleaning times, and suction according 

    to different floors, different rooms, different dates and times;

5. OTA function : Remote Upgrade for both Firmware & Software, keep your robot in best 


6. Electric Virtual Wall;

7. Suction power: Low level/850Pa , Medium level/1650pa, High level/2000Pa

8. Superior obstacle climbing ability, more than 15mm. Easily climb a 15° slope.

9. Dustbin capacity 300ML;Water tank capacity 300ml

Basic Specification

Input: AC 100~240V,50/60Hz, 0.8A ; Output:24V,1.0A; Power 40W
Battery: 14.4V 3200mAh Li-ion; 

Charging time:6 hours ; 

Working time: 90Min
Noise Level:≤ 68dB 
Running temperature:28℃, can work normally in the temerature range of  -10℃ to -45℃.
Product size:346*340*99mm; 

Color box size:372*200*408mm; 

Outer cartons 384*213*418mm;             1 color box in 1 outer carton.
Net weight: 3.1kgs;

Gross weight: 6.2kgs