For Home Cleaning

Storage Box Q



Product dimension: 460mmLX280mmWX245mmH

Capacity: 32L

Material: ABS+304 stainless steel+ fine copper 

Product Description:
1, Patent product   A new type patent product, uniqueness make the product outstanding.
2, High strength material protection  ABS raw material with thickness 2.5mm and 304 stainless steel and fine copper, safe and firm
3, Easily assembling structure   Assemble the six parts in sequence to make this product before using, convenient for transportation and lower transportation cost
4, Strong bearing capacity   Product can bear over 50KG after assembling, firm and durable
5, Combination lock make you feel safe   Four number of coded lock, which protect the inside goods.
6, Grid structure easy for stacking     There are grid structures in the bottom of top cover and the product bottom surface, which is easy for stacking.
7, Widely used   The product can be widely used in home, upscale clubs, school, hospital, institute, car and fashionable DIY home life Museum etc.
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